Affirmations for Wealth: Speak Wealth into Your Life
by Melissa Halsted

Affirmations for Wealth onboard

Can affirmations for wealth change your financial future? The best way to begin to see your goals solidify and take shape is to re-program your mind. 

Let’s face it, there are so many distractions these days, it’s easy to fall into a comfort zone and just take life as it comes. We go to work, come home, relax a few hours, go to sleep and repeat the same thing day in and day out. Who has time to change things up, really? 

The fact is that every waking minute of every day could be spent improving your financial future if you take advantage of your mental space. Your mind is the key to bridging the gap between living a ho-hum existence and a fantastic financial future. 

Affirmations Open the Mind to New Opportunities

When you decide what you want and begin focusing on that desire in earnest, you are essentially programing your brain to bring that desire about. Your brain can work for you or against you, depending on the programming you fill it with. Why not fill your mind with affirmations of wealth and success?

My friend, James, was in a bit of a rut. He had been working as a high school shop teacher for years and loved his job but was making the same salary he had started with out of college. There was no end in sight to his dismally deficient paychecks. All James wanted was to be like his friends and own his own home and have a car that didn’t cost an entire paycheck to fix every other month.

James asked his most successful friend, Ted, how he happened to always seemed to have it all: a great job, a beautiful home, a new car, and the money and time to take several vacations every year.

Affirmations work

“I was really struggling for a few years out of college until my boss told me about positive affirmations,” Ted explained. “I know it sounds crazy, but after doing affirmations for a few months, doors began to open for me. I got several promotions and then an opportunity for my own side business. Right now, my worst financial problem is trying to decide where to invest my money.” 

Affirmations for Wealth Program Your Brain to Solve Problems and Seek Solutions

“What are affirmations and how do you think they specifically helped you,” James asked Ted. “An affirmation is a positive statement that you make about yourself as if it is already true,” Ted explained. “When repeated on a daily basis, these positive statements re-program your subconscious mind. This causes your conscious mind to work like crazy to solve problems and seek solutions in your life to help you attain whatever it is you are affirming.”

“When I was first starting out in business, I was smart enough to know that it takes working harder than expected to get ahead and I did that. Despite my best efforts, promotions were few and far between and the pay raises that came with the promotions weren’t even all that great. My boss saw my potential and told me that I needed to learn how to channel my abilities into better avenues. He explained that positive affirmations could help kick-start my career trajectory. What did I have to lose?”

“My boss told me I needed to have a specific goal in mind, nothing wishy-washy like, “I want to be rich,” Ted further explained. “So my first affirmation for wealth stated: “New doors of opportunity at my job are always available to me.”

“Within a few months of stating that affirmation, a new department at work opened up and needed a supervisor. I was chosen for that job which then opened up even more doors for advancement and even a business opportunity. I have used several more affirmations specific to yearly salary, the type of home I desire, free time, etc.”

Putting Affirmations into Action

James decided to take what Ted said to heart. He went home and did research about affirmations. He discovered that the affirmations should be positive in nature, as specific as possible, in the present tense, written in his own handwriting, and spoken aloud when it was permissible.

James was unsure about what he wanted to do outside of teaching but he knew that he needed a change. His positive affirmation for new work was: “A new job that is both exciting and high paying is finding me,” He wrote down his affirmation and recited it every morning before work and every evening before bed. He also quietly thought it to himself whenever there was any down time at work or at home. James made this affirmation the focus of his attention.

After repeating this affirmation for a few weeks, his best friend at his job was suddenly fired. His friend got a job at a firm which produced hand-made guitars. James had a hobby his whole life since a child of making guitars. His friend recommended him for a job at the new company. James started working there and soon became the manufacturing operations manager. He even gets to design new styles of guitars now.

James confided, “What happened wasn’t magic. Positive affirmations focused my mental energy toward the goal I wanted to achieve. I stated what I desired daily until my brain set about the task of attaining that goal, plain and simple.”

James uses affirmations regularly and now owns his own home, drives a new car, and has plenty of money and time for his other passion: visiting music festivals all over the country. He has even performed in a few playing guitars that he designed.

Affirmations Achievement and Agreement

Positive Programming Can Help You Achieve Your Wealth Goals 

Let’s get down to business. What do you desire? Is it a new job? Do you want to start your own successful business? Write down that desire in the present tense using a positive statement. Some examples would be:

·       Opportunities for a fantastic new job are presenting themselves to me.

·       A new job in my desired field is finding me.

·       I am starting a new job that pays X amount of dollars.

·       My net worth exceeds x amount of dollars.

Sometimes you will know specifically what you want to do. When you compose your affirmations for wealth, state as specifically what you want your desired outcome to be. Some examples are:

·       I am the proud owner of an automobile manufacturing business.

·       I design and drive cars for a living.

·       I own a home that reflects my taste in art deco design and love for the beach.

·       I have a net worth in excess of one million dollars.

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Write down your affirmations and tape them up throughout your house where you can see them easily throughout the day such as on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Recite them when you first wake up in the morning and before bed each night. While you are reciting them, visualize the outcome of the affirmation as though it is already happening in the present tense. If you desire a new car, visualize yourself driving it, the cold tingly feeling of the steering wheel in the winter, the view from inside, you sitting in the driver’s seat zooming down a windy mountain road.

When you have mental downtime at work, while driving, the grocery store, at home, etc. allow yourself to quietly state your affirmations or repeat them silently in your mind. Keep the object of your desire in the forefront of your mind.

Persist Until Something Happens

Then, PUSH… Persist Until Something Happens. Persistence is key. If after a week or five weeks has passed and nothing has happened yet, please don’t abandon your affirmations. You have years of programming that has placed you where you are right now. It may take a little longer to make new mental connections. Give yourself a chance. Affirmations for wealth can have a positive impact on your life and your future.