About Us

Hello, welcome to Sanity Walk, your new online home. I’m so glad you are here. This website is a labor of love for you. Our mission is to bring you every single piece of information we have found throughout our lives to help make your time here on earth the best it can be.

My name is Melissa and I am the founder of Sanity Walk. I grew up in a very toxic environment. My father was a sociopath, my house was haunted, and I lived in the murder capital of the United States. Most of my childhood and young adult life was filled with fear, anxiety, and dread. 

Because of the craziness and upheaval in my upbringing, I had no idea how to even “be” in the world. Thankfully I loved reading and spent most of my time at the library researching how to do everything from making friends to buying a house.

My mother was broken after finally finding the courage to leave my abusive father. She discovered positive affirmations and spoke words of encouragement to me, my sister, and her students. Those healing words were a lifeline leading to sanity and calm. 

There are several affirmations I use every day and I know that they help guide my actions and bring about peace and calm in my life even during turbulent times.

Another gift the universe gave me was an opportunity to volunteer at a suicide hotline. It was a community resource to connect people to food, shelter, and most importantly mental health services, if needed.

I was also trained to listen and guide people to make the decision to stay alive if they were thinking of ending their life. I was only 16 years old when I received this training and began the journey of listening and helping.

The four years that I did this job were so valuable in shaping my understanding of the human condition. I realized how precious and fragile life is and that human connection can make all the difference.

The best thing that ever happened to me was a fight with my boyfriend when I was in my young twenties. I was at the beach and ended up walking away while I was angry and kept walking until I reached the end of the island. 

By the time I had come back to the part of the beach where I had been in the first place, every ounce of anger and bad feelings had vanished. Not only that, I was astonished at how happy and clear headed I felt. 

Ever since that day, I have walked on a regular basis to keep my mind focused and to maintain a healthy state of mind. The added bonus is that walking is healthy for the body, too. 

My search for ways to survive and thrive in this world has led me to valuable insight that I am passing on to you, dear friend. Please use what you find helpful and I hope that we are able to make your time on earth a little easier while you experience all that life has to offer.